Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 94 / MARCH 1988 / PAGE 71

Premature Prose

In last month's feature, "Superconductors: A Technology Coming Of Age" (p. 18), we incorrectly stated that researchers have superconductors working at room temperatures. This is not true. Somewhere in the editing process, a few words were dropped from the article's original text. The passage should have read: With these recent developments, researchers believe that they'll soon have superconductors working at room temperatures.

Softkey For Atari XL/XE

Some users may experience problems with the program "Softkey Editor" (January 1988). The program depends on the variable SCREEN$ being the first variable in the program. Unfortunately, the FOR/NEXT delay loop we added makes TT the first variable. Typing errors and immediate mode statements can also cause entries to be made in the variable name table. To correct the problem, remove line 30 in the program. Next, LIST the program to disk with a command like LIST"D:TEMP". Do not use the SAVE command. Reboot your computer and type ENTER"D:TEMP". Finally, type SAVE"SKCREATE" to create a working version of the program.

Canfield For Apple II

There are a number of corrections to the Apple version of "Canfield" from the January 1988 issue. These lines need the following changes:

215 IF A$ = "y" THEN GOTO 40
220 IF A$ = "Y" THEN GOTO 40
1930 VTAB 18: HTAB 2: PRINT "{4 SPACES>";: HTAB 2: PRINT "*"BR
2020 IF A$ = "y" OR A$ = "Y" THEN BR = 500: POP : GOTO 40
2030 IF A$ = "n" OR A$ = "N" THEN BR = 0: POP : GOTO 410

These changes are for both the DOS 3.3 and ProDOS versions.