Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 92 / JANUARY 1988 / PAGE 79


The Hermit

The Commodore and Apple versions of this adventure game from the November issue need additional line modifications. The Commodore changes (Program 2, p. 55) should include a line 20 and a revised line 50, as follows:

20 FOR I = 1 TO 25 : PRINT : NEXT I :
   1987 COMPUTE! PUBL., INC."
50 GET A$ : IF A$ = "" THEN 50

The Apple version (Program 4, p. 56) also requires a revision to line 50, as follows:

50 GET A$

For Tandy 1000 owners only, reader David Davis suggests that command line editing can be improved by changing line 5800 in the IBM version to read as follows:

5800 UL$ = CHR$(95): CL$ = CHR$(29) : DL$ = CHR$(8)

The article with this program neglected to mention that the Amiga version requires at least 512K of memory.

Getting Help

Many readers who write to us concerning problems with published programs experience delays in receiving responses because they send their letters to our business office in New York, or to the service in Des Moines, Iowa that maintains our subscriber records. The customer service personnel in New York handle problems related to magazine and disk deliveries and take orders for books and magazine back issues. The company in Iowa handles only subscriber services such as order processing and changes of address. All inquiries regarding programming problems should be directed to our editorial offices:

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Only the Greensboro office has personnel to answer technical questions. Any letters concerning programming problems sent to the other addresses will be forwarded to the Greensboro office, usually with a delay of several weeks.

Our goal, of course, is to publish only error-free programs. When errors do occur, we always publish corrections in this column, usually within two to three months. We try to respond to all letters concerning problems with programs published in COMPUTE!, although the response may simply be that we know of no errors in the listing as published. For fastest service, your letter should state briefly and clearly:

  • • the name of the program that's causing problems
  • • the issue of COMPUTE! in which the program appeared
  • • the model of computer you're using, including a complete list of peripherals
  • • the exact nature of the problems you are experiencing

Include a complete description of your difficulties; simply stating that the program doesn't work is not of much help to us. Be sure to mention any error messages that appear. It's often helpful to send a printout of the program as you have entered it. We request, however, that you not send disks or tapes; we cannot guarantee that these will be returned.

Because of the huge volume of reader mail we receive, we cannot respond personally to general questions about hardware problems or programming techniques, nor can we offer assistance in dealing with any software not published by COMPUTE!. However, such questions may be answered in the "Readers' Feedback" column if they are of broad interest.