Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 90 / NOVEMBER 1987 / PAGE 10

The Fastest Amiga Language

I know the Amiga is speedy, and I know its version of BASIC is probably the best, but COMPUTE! has completely neglected to print any machine language programs for the Amiga. There are some tasks (namely, searching and sorting) which require machine language speed.

Vernon Dale Frameli

COMPUTE! depends on its readers to supply the majority of the programs that are published. We simply haven't received many machine language programs for the Amiga (or for the Atari ST, for that matter). One reason may be that programmers are busy testing how far they can go with BASIC and advanced languages like C and Modula-2 before committing themselves to ML. Also, it will take a while for programmers who cut their teeth on the relatively simple 6502 microprocessor to become comfortable with the more complex instruction set of the Amiga's 68000 microprocessor.

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