Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 9 / FEBRUARY 1981 / PAGE 109

Memory Calendar

Peter Spencer
West Hill, Ontario

Have you ever forgotten an important date, anniversary, or payment deadline? Is there a famous person, say Charles Babbage or Jim Butterfield, whose birthday you would like to remember?

Figure 1. A typical Memory Calendar printout. MEMORY CALENDER March 1981

Memory Calendar lets you create a file of important messages for each month of the year, and a Common file for messages that occur in all months. You can then print out a calendar (see Figure 1) for any month of any year. This printout will automatically incorporate the messages for the month you have selected, plus the Common messages if you -wish, plus any specific one-time messages that you want to add.

I have tried to make Memory Calendar as foolproof as possible, so that it can be used with ease by people who can type but who know little about computers. My intention was to write a useful utility that would work for anyone.

Writing a program that maintains and merges files is not that difficult, as most of Compute's readers know. The main problem I found in coding Memory Calendar was in the printout section, where each line of print must have pieces of as many as seven different messages in it, and each piece must line up with the day it was intended for.

If you would like a copy of the program (see Figure 2) without having to type it in yourself, send me a diskette and I will make you a copy of Memory Calendar for no charge. Hearing from other Compute readers has so far been a pleasure.