Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 89 / OCTOBER 1987 / PAGE 71


Laser Chess ™ Mixup

Last month's "CAPUTE!" column mistakenly stated that the Atari version of Laser Chess on the April-June COMPUTE! Disk could not be run from the disk menu. Actually, Laser Chess runs just fine when selected from the menu of the Atari disk. It is the Commodore 64 version of Laser Chess on the May-July Commodore edition of the COMPUTE! Disk that will not run properly when loaded from the menu. We regret any confusion this may have created.

The problem with the Commodore 64 version does not occur until a playing piece is destroyed by a laser blast. If the game is loaded from the COMPUTE! Disk menu, it will lock up at the end of the explosion animation sequence. This problem does not occur if the program is loaded directly. To run the Commodore 64 version of Laser Chess from the COMPUTE! Disk without using the menu, simply use the command LOAD "LASER CHESS.JUN",8 and type RUN.

Smart Alec

Line 1419 in Program 1 from this article for the Commodore 64 in the September issue (p. 81) contains a spurious question mark and is missing the final digit. The line should read as follows:

1419 :F6 A9 00 99 A7 02 AA A5 01

IBM Monte Carlo Enhancements

The IBM version (Program 5, p. 35) of this card-game program from the September issue works properly as printed, but reader Robert St. John was disappointed at the lack of color and the fact that the program recognizes only lowercase letters. Other readers with color monitors may want to try his suggested changes and additions to enhance game play:

KN	110	 KEY OFF: WIDTH 40: COLOR 1, 2, 2
BP	140	 DIM C$ (52), COL (52), V$ (13), T$ (4)
IF	170	 READ A: T$ (I) = CHR * (A): READ CL (I): NEXT
JI	200	 DATA 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 0, 6, 0
PK	230	 COLOR CL (J): PRINT "	; V$ (I); T$(J);
KD	250	 COLOR 1
HP	300	 IF C$ (p) = "" THEN C$ (p) = V$ (J) + T$(I): COL (p) = CL (I): 80 TO 330
QO	342	 LOCATE 17, 5: PRINT SPACE$(28)
PD	372	 PRINT: PRINT TAB (11) "Press Q to quit"
MM	380	 IF A$ = INKEY$: IF A$ = "" THEN 3 B0
OP	382	 IF A$ = "h" OR A$ = "H" THEN C = 4: GOTO 420
LP	384	 IF A$ = "m" OR A$ = "M" THEN C = 5: GOTO 420
MF	386	 IF A$ = "e" OR A$ = "E" THEN C = 6: GOTO 420
JG	388	 IF A$ = "q" OR A$ = "Q" THEN CLS: END
IM	390	 IF GOTO 380
OE	450	 COLOR COL (CT): PRINT ""; C$ (CT);
GO	590	 C$ (I) = C$ (I + I): COL (I) = COL(I + I)
FD	630	 C$ (I) = C$ (I + I): COL (I) = COL(I + I)
DL	770	 IF A$ = "q" DR A$ = "Q" THEN RUN