Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 87 / AUGUST 1987 / PAGE 8

Where Does The Memory Expander Fit?

I've followed with great interest the information about the new 1764 memory expander for the Commodore 64. However, I'm confused about one thing. In one description, I read that the expansion module plugs into the expansion port. In another, I read that it plugs into the user port. As you know, the expansion port holds cartridges, and the user port is the RS-232 (modem) port. I'm confused. Where does it go? I want the 1764 memory expander, but I also use my modem a lot.

Frank E. Fish

The Commodore 1764 memory expander plugs into the expansion port where cartridges reside. You should be able to use the RAM expander and a modem at the same time, although to download directly to the 1764, you'd need a RAMdisk program, one that makes the expander act like a disk drive.