Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 86 / JULY 1987 / PAGE 118

IIGS Clip Art

Clip Art Gallery from Activision offers more than 600 graphic images for the Apple IIGS. This database of designs can be used with Paintworks Plus and the soon-to-be-released Writer's Choice elite to design invitations, cards, and logos, or to add artwork to any document. There are 24 categories, including business, school, sports, bugs, gadgets, food, symbols, birds, and vehicles. You can redraw parts of the images, change the colors and size, add words, and mix or match images from the different files.

Suggested retail price for Clip Art Gallery is $29.95.

Activision, 2350 Bayshore Frontage Rd., Mountain View, CA 94043

Circle Reader Service Number 242.