Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 86 / JULY 1987 / PAGE 118

Atari ST Version Of True BASIC Released

True BASIC, developers of the True BASIC language system and publishers of TBI Educational Software, has announced that version 2.0 of the True BASIC language is now available for the Atari ST. This version, which was recently released for the IBM PC, offers a high level of graphics support and is significantly faster than ST BASIC, which makes it a language tailored for use with the sophisticated graphics capabilities of the ST. In addition, Version 2.0 offers modules, a programming concept found in languages like Modula-2 and Ada, which can be used within a program to facilitate data sharing between program segments, or can be compiled separately and stored as libraries for use with other programs.

The Atari ST version of True BASIC is available for $99.95.

True BASIC, 39 S. Main St., Hanover, NH 03755

Circle Reader Service Number 238.