Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 86 / JULY 1987 / PAGE 118

First Amiga Title From MicroProse

An enhanced version of Silent Service is MicroProse's first title available for the Commodore Amiga.

Silent Service puts the player in command of a World War II submarine in the South Pacific. Enhancements for the new Amiga version take special advantage of the computer's graphics, sound, and animation capabilities. Sun-sets, burning ships, oil slicks, and the intricately designed battle station screens are displayed using more than 32 colors. Enemy cruisers, escorts, and aircraft carriers can now be differentiated on the map views, and digitized sound recordings from actual submarine listening devices add to the realism of the simulation. Game controls have been simplified to employ onscreen icons for all function and activity selections. Using these icons, the player can control the submarine with the mouse.

The player-selected and historical scenarios range from single-ship attacks to multipatrol missions with heavily escorted convoys. All of a submarine's critical battle stations are represented, including the conning tower, periscope, engine room, and bridge. Multiple difficulty levels and automatic time scaling are also included as game features.

The new Silent Service version works on all Amiga computers with 512K of memory. It was designed to be operated with a mouse, although joystick and keyboard controls are also supported. Suggested retail price is $39.95.

MicroProse Simulation Software, 120 Lakefront Dr., Hunt Valley, MD 21030

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