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ST Directory Update
Here is an Atari ST trick which I've stumbled across. When you are searching disk directories on the desktop, instead of using the mouse to close the directory window and reopen it, simply insert the new disk and press the ESC key. The desktop automatically reads the directory from the new disk and displays it in the window.
Randy Hart

Thanks for the tip. Don't forget to close any subdirectories that are open on the active directory window before you press ESC. If you omit this step in a case where the new disk doesn't have a subdirectory of the same name, GEM displays an empty subdirectory. No harm is done (you can simply close the empty subdirectory after the fact), but the results can be confusing if you're expecting to see the root directory on the new disk. Many of our programmers use the ESC technique regularly. However, we have heard unconfirmed rumors that this method of updating disk information may be somewhat less reliable than closing the window and reopening it.