Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 80 / JANUARY 1987 / PAGE 94

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Space Battle Simulation
Star Fleet 1: The War Begins is a strategy space-battle game distributed by Electronic Arts for a variety of computer systems. As members of the Alliance, players must protect its outer regions against invading fleets of hostile aliens from the Krellan and Zaldron empires. Each player starts as a rookie cadet, with opportunities to role-play specific characters and experience both training and combat situations.
    While competing with others, players can work their way through the ranks to the ultimate honorary rank of Admiral Emeritus. Players command one of 36 galactic heavy cruisers to defend the Alliance. Part of the challenge is to rescue starbases from enemy hands, capture and tow enemy vessels, lay mine fields, search for intruders, and repair damaged systems.
    Star Fleet 1 was created by Interstel and is the first in a series of advanced space-battle simulations.
    The program is available for $49.95 for IBM, Apple II-series, and Atari eight-bit computers; $39.95 for Commodore 64 and 128 computers; and $55 for Amiga, Atari ST, and Macintosh computers.
    Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Dr., San Mateo, CA 94404.
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