Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 80 / JANUARY 1987 / PAGE 94

News & Products

New Stickybear Apple Programs
Weekly Reader Family Software has introduced five new early-learning programs that use the popular Stickybear character and work on the Apple II-series computers. Included in the group are Stickybear Reading Comprehension, a multilevel reading program for ages 8 to 11; Stickybear Drawing, an easy-touse drawing program for ages 7 and older; Stickybear Music, an introductory music program for ages 7 and older; Stickybear Basic, an easy introduction to the BASIC programming language, for ages 9 and up; and Math Word Problems, a program on learning to solve word problems, for ages 8 and up.
    Each of these packages sells for $39.95 and works on an Apple II, II+, IIe, and IIc with a 48K minimum and DOS 3.3.
    Weekly Reader Family Software, 245 Long Hill Rd., Middletown, CT 06457.
Circle Reader Service Number 204.