Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 80 / JANUARY 1987 / PAGE 94

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DEGAS Elite For The ST
Batteries Included has released the DEGAS Elite design and graphic arts program for the Atari ST computers. The $79.95 program includes all of the features of the earlier $39.95 DEGAS package, plus extensive new capabilities for producing a wide range of computer graphics.
    Aimed at both the professional who uses computer graphics and those who enjoy recreational art production, DEGAS Elite has such advanced features as multiple work screens for cutting and pasting images, color cycling, enhanced text fonts and a font editor, plus Flip, Rotate, Distort, Airbrush, Shadow, and many other tools.
    The program works with most popular graphics printers, color and dot-matrix, and is compatible with the PaperClip Elite word processor for the ST.
    Batteries Included, 30 Mural St., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1B5.
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