Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 80 / JANUARY 1987 / PAGE 96


Biker Dave For Atari
The Atari version of this game from the November 1986 issue (Program 1, p. 42) has errors of two different types. First, the program contains a number of bugs that were not initially detected in testing. The program sometimes prints invisible ramps, prints ramps that interfere with the tubes, or omits ramps. It also generates occasional unexplained crashes, and neglects to clear the player/missile area to prevent player/ missile shapes from interfering with the title and end-of-game screens. To correct these problems, make the following changes and additions:

DD 1140 FOR I=1 TO 20:POKE 705
        ,16*(RND(0)*15):POKE 7
        06,16*(RND(0)*15):IF P
        RO THEN POKE 707,16*(R
DM 1153 FOR I=0 TO 2
BE 1154 IF  NOT (PRO) AND I=2
        THEN 1156
IK 1155 IF PEEK(705+I)-INT(PEE
        K(705+I)/16)*16<4 THEN
         POKE (705+I),8
FF 1156 NEXT I
NG 1220 POSITION 14,13:? TCARS
        ARS+CARS:IF CARS>10 TH
        EN DONE=1:GOTO 1310
LF 1315 FOR PP=53248 TO 53251:
        POKE PP,0:NEXT PP
ME 1615 PP=ADR(P0$):FOR YY=PP+
        256 TO PP+1023:POKE YY
        ,0:NEXT YY
OF 2830 P0$(1,255)=BL$(1,255):
        POKE 53248,50:POKE 532
        49,139:POKE 707,0:POKE
         53251,120:POKE 53250,

Second, a problem with our lister program caused all inverse-video characters in the listing to appear as solid inverse-video blocks. The following lines should be changed as shown:

MM 2950 POSITION 1,2:? "{A}
        :REM CONTROL A,H,C,D,E
MG 2960 POSITION 1,3:? "{I}
        __mnrrr":REM CONTROL I

        5,5:? "{REV}st{OFF}":POSITION 15
        ,6:? "{REV}uv{OFF}":POKE 707,152

OO 3040 POSITION 1,10:? "ouopq

COMPUTE! Disk For Atari
The October-December 1986 COMPUTE! Disk for Atari contains two programs that should not have been included, and is missing one that should have appeared. First, the program MLSTRING.SEP, which is on the disk, but does not appear on the menu, is an accidental repeat of the program for the "Stringing Atari Machine Language" article in the September 1986 issue. More significantly, when you select the menu item for the program from the October 1986 "INSIGHT: Atari" column, you get the program RAMDISK.SEP. This, unfortunately, is not the Atari 800XL RAMdisk program from the column, but instead is an accidental repeat of the "Atari 130XE Automated RAM Disk" program from the September 1986 issue, which will not work on the 800XL. Bill Wilkinson's 800XL RAMdisk program is not on the October-December disk. It will be included on the January-March 1987 COMPUTE! disk for Atari.