Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 8 / JANUARY 1981 / PAGE 6

The Readers Feedback

Robert Lock, Editor/Publisher and Readers

I should have known better. Remember way back in the November/December issue when I said we would drop back to 112-120 pages with our first monthly issue? Oh well.

Best Articles Last Issue:

Small Computers And Small Libraries

Times Squari For Your Atari

Feed Your PET Some Applesoft


Interfacing KIM/SYM/AIM/OSI With BASIC

On the Editor's Feedback Question:

Should we organize by content rather than Gazette's?

A resounding no! I defer to your collective decision-making. Not one of you who answered that question felt the idea had any merit.

The Readers Respond

How about headlining the start of each Gazette, e.g. "The SBC Gazatte"?

We do; well, normally. Last time wasn't quite clear. This time we're back to norm, and each Gazette has its own masthead. You newer readers should note that the magazine starts with a "general interest" area, and continues with Gazettes devoted to specific machines. Articles are continous and sequential (none are ever continued to any other part of the magazine). You will find articles of interest to you in other Gazettes.

Please address articles to novices for Atari…especially translation to Atari from other BASICs (Microsoft) and novice assembly language programming.

You'll be happy to know that we're starting a tutorial series on Atari machine language. We expect it to be up and running by next issue. Your translation problem will in part be solved when Atari's Extended (Microsoft) BASIC cartridge is introduced this spring.

From A PET Reader:

Better explaning of assembly language programs…how to convert from new to old ROM and vice versa…don't think that we know the basics…

And another reader…

HELP the Beginner

We're gradually evolving an initial section of the magazine into a beginners corner. Here you'll find Basically Useful BASIC, Odds and Ends (a new series, implemented this time by Jim Butterfield on PET cassette tape, but expanding (with your help) to cover all machines), and hopefully as Star Lab, providing useful Basic programs you may all use.


ATTN: Editor

Dear Sir,

I have been a reader of Compute! from the first issue. I enjoy your magazine so much that I had to write and let you know. I just finished the latest issue (Nov./Dec.) that I picked up at your booth at the computer show in the NY Coliseum.

The article by Charles Brannon, "Keyprint" was the first article that discussed a machine language utility that I was able to use. I am just starting in programming and an only marginal in BASIC. My system is a 32K Commodore PET and Commodore printer (2022).

Most M/L programs in magazines are listed with an assembler. In this article Mr. Brannon lists the program using the machine language monitor that comes as part of the operating system of the PET/CBM. I feel that many programmers may want to use the M/L utilities that are published in your magazine, but are scared away by the use of assemblers. I wonder if it would be possible for program authors to include a listing using the Commodore monitor a that people, such as myself without an assembler can enter these programs and utilize them even though it may take longer to type in.

Finally I want to tell you that of all the computer magazines, yours is my favorite, keep up the good work.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael Schiller