Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 8 / JANUARY 1981 / PAGE 136


Disk Operating System for KIM

Wilserv Industries $100
P.O. Box 115
Haddonfiled, NJ 08033

Reviewed by Harvey B. Herman

This is a short review of a disk operating system which has enhanced a KIM beyond my wildest dreams. I started with only a KIM - 1 but my system began to grow bigger and bigger almost immediately. Memory was added periodically, finally enough to use BASIC, using a KIMSI mother board. However, the weak link was the cassette operating system and the time it took to load programs. Switching to the Butterfield hypertape program helped but the delay (and occasionally bad loads) were irritating. I felt I really needed a better way to load and save programs. Wilserv had the answer.

Several years ago I purchased an Innovex 8" disk and parts for a disk power supply. These sat around unused because an interface/controller to a minicomputer was never finished. To get the disk working on KIM, I needed a controller board (SDS Versafloppy I), a cable (made locally) and the software provided a Wilserv (Willi Kusche). To make a long story short, it works and I am very happy.

The KIM disk operating system is very convenient to use. It provides a link with BASIC and the same commands as the PET version. It provides a cheaper alternative for people like me who have most of the components already in hand. The only real disadvantages are the lack of random access files in the current version, and the element of do-it-yourself which does not appeal to everyone. Otherwise I recommend this software highly.