Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 8 / JANUARY 1981 / PAGE 143


Wherein We Acknowledge Recent Goofs

The Group Of Us

Please note that the article written by Neil Harris entitled "Times Square" in your November/December contains at least two errors. The program did not work until the following two changes were made:

lineno as written
410 FOR I = 0 to 9 STEP 3


For I = 9 to 0 STEP -3 (this will put the bottom line where it belongs)
560 FOR L = 1 TO A


FOR L = 1 to LEN (A$) (the original program causes line 730 to exceed the amt. of info available & print an error message)

The program still does not quite work properly in the sense that the "moving border" is not quite right. The stars are not surrounding the screen properly but I have not yet been able to cure this.

Leo Cerruti
Syosset, L.I., N.Y.

Nov. 30, 1980

Dear Sirs,

I would like to correct a misleading statement in my article in COMPUTE, issue 7, entitled VISIBLE MEMORY PET PRINTER DUMP. I implied that only a single byte needed to be changed to dump a different 8K block. (The LDA #VMORG on line 1590). While this is strictly speaking correct, it assumes the existence of RAM in the region $AFF6-$AFFF. These are the last 9 bytes of a VM located at $9000. Since many VM users may not have RAM there, the simplest 'fix' is to go over the listing and change all the three byte commands ending in $AF to VMORG + $1F. For example, if your VM is located at $4000, change those $AF's to $5F's.

Also, in the data tables at the end of the listing, the assembler did not print out data bytes beyond three per line. The complete assembly listing should read -

2170: 0397 F0 C8 A0 78
2180: 039B 50 28 00
2190: 039E 00 00 00 00 00 00
2200: 03A4 80 06 35 1D

To err is human, myself and COMPUTE! being no exception. The captions on the upper-left and lower right photographs on p.19 should be interchanged. The youngster to the left of Jim Butterfield is my son, Philip.

Keep up the excellent work.

Frank Covitz
Deer Hill Rd.
Lebanon, NJ 08833