Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 79 / DECEMBER 1986 / PAGE 96

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IBM Foreign Language Skills

Two new software packages from Gessler help you improve your French, Spanish, and German language skills. R.S.V.P., for advanced beginner to intermediate French and Spanish language students, is designed to improve communicative proficiency. The program concentrates on developing reading, writing, spelling, and grammar skills while reinforcing syntax and vocabulary. It presents you with 19 different day-to-day situations with a passage in which letters or words are missing. You must fill in the blanks. Hints and word definitions are provided. R.S.V.P. also contains a text editor and vocabulary quiz.

TUCO is a German tutorial for beginning- to intermediate-level students. It provides a review of the German language from the basic conjugation of verbs and word order through subjunctive and relative clauses. Feedback is geared to the individual responses of the students. The five disks contain over 40 different topics such as pronouns, adjective endings, and interrogatives. Comprehensive exercises follow each passage to reinforce the lesson.

Both R.S.V.P and TUCO are available for the IBM PC/PCjr.

R.S.V.P. retails for $59,95 and TUCO (with five disks) for $195.

Gessler Educational Software, 900 Broadway, New York, NY 70003

Circle Reader Service Number 201.