Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 79 / DECEMBER 1986 / PAGE 96

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Apple Educational Software

Learning Technologies has introduced a line of 20 educational software programs for Apple computers. The programs are directed at teaching prereading, memory, and problem-solving skills as well as early math concepts for children in preschool through grade 8. In addition, each program offers a Learning Kit of supplemental learning aids. Each kit contains a full-color poster which features characters from the software program, custom lesson plans that help define skills and learning objectives presented in each program, reproducible worksheets which contain exercises to support and extend the activities presented in the software, and student management charts to record progress.

The series is divided into two different learning levels: the Early Learning Series, designed to help develop early reading and math skills, and the Thinking Strategy Series, intended to develop problem-solving skills such as observation, deduction, evaluation, visual discrimination, and strategy formation. Each program retails for $19.95.

Learning Technologies, 4255 LBJ, Suite 265, Dallas, TX 7524

Circle Reader Service Number 198.