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Writing Aids For Apple II
I Can Write and Be A Writer introduce students to word processing as part of a book-building venture which encourages creative writing and helps teach basic grammar and writing skills. Both programs require the use of the Magic Slate, a Sunburst educational aid.
    Challenges offered by I Can Write, designed for second graders, range from open-ended explorations of personal identity to changing a monster's description with new adjectives or commanding its actions with different verbs. Sudents can easily change or add to each exercise, then print out individual lessons to become part of their own personal writing record. In addition, they can create their own books of original stories, poems, letters, and drawings.
    In Be A Writer, designed for third graders, students explore the narrative, descriptive, and explanatory styles of writing with imaginative characters like Ruby Robot and Giant George.
    Both programs, available for Apple II computers, consist of 25 lessons each, and retail for $40.
    Sunburst Communications, Inc., 39 Washington Ave., Pleasantville, NY 10570.
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