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Star Micronics Printer
Star Micronics  has introduced the NL10, a 9-wire dot matrix desktop printer for professional, small office, and home use. The NL-10 prints high-speed draft quality at 120 cps and near letter quality at 30 cps. It offers eleven format and print functions, including three print pitch selections, type style, print mode, margin settings, and forward and reverse paper feed. The rear tractor feed has a quick tear feature plus an automatic feed. There is an optional automatic single and dual bin cut sheet feeder. Ribbon cartridges snap in easily.
    The NL-10 has plug-in interface cartridges for the IBM PC and PC compatibles, Commodore 64/128, standard parallel computers, Apple computers, and an RS-232C serial interface cartridge.
    Suggested retail price for the NL10 with one interface cartridge is $379. The base unit retails for $319 and each cartridge is priced at $60.
    Star Micronics, Inc., 200 Park Ave., Ste. 3510, New York, NY 10166.
Circle Reader Service Number 184.

Star Micronics NL-10