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Epyx Ships New Entertainment Packages
COMPUTE's coverage of the Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in last month's issue inadvertently omitted significant new products from Epyx of Sunnyvale, California.
    Epyx has introduced a variety of new entertainment programs for Apple, Commodore, Atari, and IBM computers.
    Among the new releases are three bestselling packages recently converted for the Amiga and Atari ST computers: the classic Temple of Apshai Trilogy, three adventure role-playing games in one; Rogue, a 26-level graphic adventure game; and the popular Winter Games, featuring seven Winter Olympic contests. Epyx announced that many more of its most popular titles will appear in Amiga and ST versions later this year.
    New titles include The Movie Monster Game, featuring the ever-popular Godzilla, an action game that lets the player take part in movie monster mayhem; World Games, a new series of Olympic contests in which players become international athletes and travel to eight different countries to compete in an event specific to each locale-for example, cliff-diving in Mexico or sumo wrestling in Japan; Super Cycle, an arcade-action motorcycle racing game that features a realistic first-person perspective; Championship Wrestling, a fast-action wrestling contest in which you choose your own wrestling personality and climb into the ring with a formidable opponent; and World Karate Championship, a graphically detailed karate-action program that features eight different compeition locations against increasingly difficult opponents. As with most earlier Epyx titles, these entertainment packages are available currently, or soon, for all major personal computer systems. Prices vary.
    Epyx, Inc., 1043 Kiel Ct., Sunnyvale, CA 94089.
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