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MECC Apple Educational Software
MECC has introduced two educational tools for Apple II series computers.
    Quickflash! is a utility package that lets teachers create electronic flashcards. The program includes automatic recordkeeping, randomization of questions, control of mastery level, and printed progress reports.
    Quickflash! can be adapted to various subject levels and includes diacritical marks and special characters for foreign language study. A printer option lets teachers print the questions and answers.
    Students in grades six through nine can learn to write plays with Show Time. The students pick the cast from over 1000 possible combinations, build the sets, compose the music, and write the scripts using the integrated word processor, MECC Writer. With Show Time, students add stage directions, rehearse, edit the scripts, and finally watch the play. A support manual is included. Both Quickflash! and Show Time require an Apple II series computer with at least 64K. Contact MECC for prices.
    MECC, 3490 Lexington Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55126-8097.
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