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Macintosh Graphics
Dynamic Graphics has introduced DeskTop Art software for the Macintosh, a new line of programs that contains graphics selected and digitized from the company's library of more than 20,000 exclusive illustrations and photos. All images are based on original art, commissioned and purchased by Dynamic Graphics from leading illustrators for its international art services.
    Each volume under the DeskTop Art name, categorized by subject and style, includes more than 300 illustra tions stored on two disks as MacPaint documents. Also included in every package is a 24-page how-to guide, a pictorial index to the art, and suggested applications projects. The first two volumes are Graphics & Symbols ($66.95), a collection of high-contrast pictograms and symbols; and Artfolio I ($74.95), a miscellany of styles and subjects that includes people, familiar objects, and animals.
    Dynamic Graphics, Inc., 6000 N. Forest Park Dr., P.O. Box 1901, Peoria, IL 61656-1901.
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