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RAM-Resident IBM Writing Tool
Micro Logic has released a RAM-resident productivity tool for the IBM-PC and compatibles. Tornado Notes lets you process random information using a system of parallel text processing. You can enter text into logical modules and then change, reorganize, and code the information as you wish. Tornado Notes has a flexible search capability and includes a pile-of-paper simulator, forms capability, note-joining function, twokeystrok duplication feature, and importing and exporting of both files and screens. There is a built-in editor as well as a helpful icon-based user interface.
    Tornado Notes runs on the IBM-PC and compatibles with PC-DOS (MSDOS) 2.0 or later and uses 50K of RAM, plus space for notes. It does not use bit graphics and supports most 80-character monochrome and color displays. The software is not copy-protected.
    Tornado Notes costs $49.95, which includes a collection of reference notes and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    Micro Logic Corp., P.O. Box 174, 100 2nd St., Hackensack, NJ 07602.
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