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IBM Software From Buttonware
Buttonware has introduced several software packages for the IBM PC and compatibles.
    PC-Dial is a communications package that features DOS access for commands or programs, complete support of DOS subdirectories, a built-in mini-editor for editing files online, support of user-defined scripts, smart keys that save up to 12 macros, a help screen, an automatic redial, communication at speeds from 75 bps up to 9600 bps, screen colors, and an on-screen timer. PC-Dial requires a serial communications port, a modem, DOS 2.0 or higher, 164K available RAM memory without the mini-editor and 220K of available RAM memory with the mini-editor.
    PC-Style analyzes the readability of your writing by computing the percentage of long words, personal words, action verbs, words per sentence, and average syllables per word. This program works with any standard ASCII or Wordstar document.
    PC-Tickle is a reminder program that helps you keep track of appointments, dates, and meetings. It also has an option that allows you to keep running totals of your checkbook balance, calorie consumption, and more.
    PC-File III is a general purpose database manager program.
    PC-File/R has more features than PC-File III, including relational database capabilities, integrated letter writing, and mail-merge capabilities.
    A word processor, PC-Type can perform DOS functions and has keyboard macros as well as help panels to guide you through each process.
    The graphics extension to PC-File III and PC-File/R is PC-Graph, which can plot a line graph of a database or a report created with the word processing programs.
    PC-Dial, PC-File III, and PC-Graph each sell for $59.95. PC-Style and PCTickle each sell for $29.95 and PCFile/R costs $149.00.
    ButtonWare, Inc., P.O. Box 5786, Bellevue, WA 98006.
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