Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 76 / SEPTEMBER 1986 / PAGE 118

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Hard Disk Drive For Commodore 64
The Data Chief is a hard disk drive system with floppy disk included for the Commodore 64, available in a 10-megabyte or 20-megabyte version. Produced by InConTrol, Inc., each system comes with a 170K floppy drive, a 135watt power supply, a hard disk drive, and controller/ driver cards, all housed in a metal case.
    A second hard disk can be added without an additional driver card and, with an expansion kit that will be available this fall, three hard disks can be installed in the system. The Model HFD-60 is a 10-megabyte system ($895); the Model HFD-120 is a 20megabyte system ($995).
    InConTrol, Inc., 103 Baughman's Ln., Ste. 301, Frederick, MD 21701.
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