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Electronic Greetings
Create and send electronic greetings - including animation and sound-with Color Mail from Hallmark Cards. This program lets you combine graphics, animation, music, sound, and personal messages to send greetings to other subscribers of CompuServe.
    To use Color Mail, a subscriber develops a greeting offline and sends it through the electronic mail facility. The recipient transfers the greeting for offline viewing using his or her own Color Mail disk.
    Color Mail can be ordered from CompuServe for $40. This includes CompuServe's VIDTEX communica tions program, 103 design elements, and illustrated user guides. A PalPak costs $60 and contains two disks, one for the sender and one for the recipient. There is a fee of 25 cents in addition to the connect time charge when using Color Mail. New groups of design elements can be ordered for $3.50 to $5.00.
    Hallmark Color Mail, 2440 Pershing Rd., Ste G-40, Kansas City, MO 64108.
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