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Database Manager For Commodore 128 And Amiga
Mid-Kansas Computers recently announced the release of Woodsoftwere's Flex File for the Commodore 128 and Amiga, based on the earlier Flex File database manager for the 64 and PET computers.
    On the Amiga version, all of the earlier command formats have been retained, and new features have been added that take advantage of the Amiga's power. These features include sophisticated virtual window entry editor with UNDO and CLEAR LINE functions; minimal mouse commands to speed data entry, editing, and processing; and storage of housekeeping data in machine memory to maximize file space. Two versions are included: An Amiga BASIC version that you can customize; and a machine language version for speed, multitasking with other programs, and more memory to handle extremely large and complex files. It retails for $79.95.
    Flex File 128 is completely compatible with data disks created on earlier versions of Flex File and Practifile for other Commodore computers. Its command structure is identical to that of the older version, with a few enhancements. Up to 10,000 records can be created, with up to forty fields per record. 80-column FAST mode is supported, and HELP screens are available without disk access. It retails for $49.95.
    Mid-Kansas Computers, 204 W. 6th, P.O. Box 506, Newton, KS 67114.
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