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Commodore 128 And IBM Compatibility
S.O.G.W.A.P. Software has introduced The Big Blue Reader, a software program that lets users transfer word processing and ASCII files generated on most IBMcompatible software to Commodore 128 DOS files, and vice versa.
    Release 1.0 of The Big Blue Reader is priced at $29.95, plus $2 for shipping and handling (California residents add $1.95). The Big Blue Reader is selfbooting. A full menu appears on the 80-column screen, while on the 40-column screen the program offers a main menu and submenus. Prompts take the user through the copying process, whether going from Commodore to IBM or IBM to Commodore.
    The Big Blue Reader also offers the user the option of translating MS-DOS standard ASCII characters to Commodore ASCII characters-and vice versa-solving the problem of reversed capitals and lowercase letters.
    S.O.G.W.A.P. Software, Inc., 611 Boccaccio Ave., Venice, CA 90291.
Circle Reader Service Number 176.