Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 75 / AUGUST 1986 / PAGE 118


Atari Sound Development System!

If you've tried to use the Sound Editor (Program 1, p. 71) from this article in the July issue, you've no doubt discovered that something is missing. The last 53 lines of the program were accidentally omitted. To complete the listing, add the following lines:

Minding IBM Memory

The correction in last month's CAPUTE! column is not sufficient to correct all the bugs in the deallocation routine for this article from the June issue (p. 85). The mov bx, [bp+6] instructions in Program 2 should instead be mov bx, [bp+8]. To make this correction in Program 3, replace lines 100-110 with the following:

The version of the program which appears on the COMPUTE! Disk for April-June includes all corrections.

Hex War For Amiga

The Amiga version (Program 7, p. 55) of this game in the July issue uses the lowercase letter 1 as a variable name in several places. Unfortunately, on the printer used to make the listing there is no distinction between 1 and the numeral 1, so it's difficult to tell when to use the letter and when to use the number. Here are the places where the character should be an 1 (for clarity, change these to uppercase L): In the lines following the ones with labels 710, 715, and 718, the expressions should be L=cit (j, 1), x = (k-L) *2+19, and y = (12-(k + L))*2+3. Following the DATA statements in the Strengths routine, there is a loop that should use FOR L=1 TO 5 and NEXT L. In the Reveille routine, there is a loop that should use FOR L=0 to 6, army (k, L, pn) = army (k+1,L,pn), army (k+1,L,pn)=0, and NEXT L. In the Prisoners subroutine there is a loop that should use FOR L=0 TO 6 and army (k, L, j) = 0. The lines labeled 3480 and 3490 should both start with L=, and just below those are two other statements that should read IF c(1) ?? L THEN and IF c(2) ?? L THEN.