Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 74 / JULY 1986 / PAGE 59

SunDog: Frozen Legacy For Atari ST

David Florance
Programming Assistant

A top view of the SunDog, a space freighter in which you search for frozen colonists and a lost colony (Atari ST version).

Requirements: Atari ST-series computer with a color monitor; or an Apple Il-series computer with at least 64K RAM and a color monitor. The ST version was reviewed.

Certainly one of the most exciting aspects of the future is space exploration. How will it be out there? What will we find, and how will we learn to adapt and go about our everyday existence? Will people carry the same instincts, societal norms, beliefs, and hAbits into the dark reaches of space? Whatever happens, it's a sure bet that if life's at all similar to SunDog: Frozen Legacy, we'll still have to know what's a good deal and what's not, when to beg, when to borrow, and when to...well, rethink our priorities.

SunDog, from Oasis/FTL games, is a first-rate graphics adventure with enough complexity for the seasoned player but simple enough for a beginner to enjoy. First marketed for the Apple II computers, the new Atari ST version features stunning graphics and easy mouse-driven controls.

You start this adventure with a tremendous inheritance left to you by an ambitious uncle who had designs on building a religious colony. Your task a large one, is to fill his shoes by completing his dream. It's not easy. There's more than one obstacle in your path. You don't know where the colony was planned, how to pilot a freighter (the SunDog), or how to spend the money he left you. Be careful--chances are you`ll be mugged, swindled, and/or lost in a vast mountainous continent before you know it. You can even lose your starship and your inheritance if you don't pay attention to business.

Your first task is to find the colony (named Banville). There's an immense amount of ground to cover because SunDog: Frozen Legacy encompasses 50 cities on 18 different inhabited planets in 12 star systems.

Next, you'll have to locate and buy all the goods necessary to complete the colony. Although you start off with enough money to purchase the goods, unless you are very adroit, lucky, or both, you'll make some financial mistakes that may exhaust or at least severely deplete your bank account. Don't despair. Just start over and be more careful next time. Remember, no one promised that life in the far reaches of space would be a rose garden.

Beware Of Beggars

Interaction is an important part of SunDog: Frozen Legacy. The shopkeepers and store managers talk to you, and you're expected to respond. Your range of possible responses is limited, though this might be fortunate. If you utter the things that run across your mind while you're trying to finish the mission, you'd probably be hunted down by the galactic security force and executed on sight. So don't be too abrasive.

On the other hand, when a beggar asks you for money, don't give him your last piece of cash. You may need it to transport hastily out of the city. Some of those beggars are ruffians as well, so be prepared to defend yourself. In other words, even in this futuristic setting, the general populace seems still to agree with P.T. Barnum's dictum that a sucker's born every minute. And for the most part, you are considered the latest,

Other characters to watch out for are the many entrepreneurs wandering around or hanging out in the eating establishments. They're more than willing to be your pal. You'll have to be clever to sort out the good and bad deals. These gents can help you as well as harm you.

Popsicle People

To finish the adventure, you have to locate the colonists. They aren't capable of finding you because they're cryogenically frozen. This is when your piloting skills aboard the SunDog are put to the test. Setting the course is perhaps the most challenging level of the adventure. There are many ways to be successful, and just as many ways to fail. For instance, you can save time by traveling at warp speeds, but you'll spend more fuel, and trying to redch warp can be dangerous. To be safe, be sure to check for engine damage often. When the SunDog is not operating at peak efficiency, you lose time and effort. Buying replacement parts is not difficult, and if you shop around you may be able to find some bargains.

The Atari ST gets a chance to show off with SunDog: Frozen Legacy. Stunning visual effects abound, and each level has graphic screens that will amaze you. The detail is enormous. If you've been wondering what a graphics adventure game is like on the new generation of personal computers, Sun Dog: Frozen Legacy is a must. It's a whole different world.

A helpful hint from this Star Freighter Captain. Don't let your eyes fool you. You must still eat and sleep to survive and complete the mission. So take time out to catch a few winks and grab a bite to eat. You'll need all your strength and attention to conquer the challenges of SunDog.

SunDog: Frozen Legacy
(Atari ST version) Oasis/FTL Games
P.O. Box 112489
San Diego, CA 92111

(Apple II version) Accolade Entertainment Software
20863 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

$39.95 each