Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 74 / JULY 1986 / PAGE 117

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Abacus Software, Book

Abacus Software has introduced several Atari ST software applications packages, each priced at $39.95. ST TextPro is a word processor that features multicolumn output, automatic indexing and table of contents, scrolling, definable function keys, sideways output (to Epson printers), and printer drivers for other printers. The program allows full-screen editing with either mouse or keyboard commands.

ST Text Designer is a pagemaking package for creating layouts from word processing files. The program reads text ifies from ST TextPro and other ASCll word processors, and allows block operations. Graphics can be merged into the layout, and borders and lines can be added. Output is to Epson-compatible printers.

ST DataPro is a data management package that lets you input data through screen templates. Record length is unlimited, with a maximum of 64,000 records available. The package also supports a RAM disk as well as a floppy disk. ST Forth/MT is a multitasking implementation of the Forth programming language, based on Forth 83. The program supports 32-bit arithmetic, has more than 1500 commands, and includes a full-screen editor, Forth macro assembler, and monitor and disk monitor.

Abacus is also announcing ST PaintPro, a drawing program, and ST AssemPro, an assembly language development package.

For the Commodore 128 computer,. Abacus recently released another volume in its Commodore 128 Reference Library. The $19.95 title is Commodore 1571 Internals.

Abacus Software, P.O. Box 7211, Grand Rapids, MI 49510.

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