Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 74 / JULY 1986 / PAGE 117

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New Products From Batteries Included

An extensive array of new software programs for Apple, Atari, Commodore, and IBM computers has been announced by Batteries Included. The list includes the following;

I*S Talk is a full-featured GEM-based telecommunications program for the Atari ST and the IBM PC. The program is part of the company's Integral Solutions line of GEM-based products. I*S Talk features a built-in 50,000-word spelling checker, three levels of automation functions, keystroke macros, and an unlimited capture buffer including X-modem file transfers. Other features include Replay, and a unique session recorder. A custom keyboard interface is built in, allowing you to use the mouse or function keys and keyboard.

Suggested retail prices are $79.95 for the ST version and $99.95 for the IBM version.

The popular HomePak three-in-one word processor, database manager, and telecommunications package should be available by the time you read this in versions for the Apple Macintosh, the Atari ST. and the Commodore 128 computers. HomePak sells for $49.95, and is already available for the Commodore 64, Apple II, IBM PC/PC jr, and Atari XL/XE computers.

The PaperClip II word processor for the Commodore 128 is designed to take advantage of the 128's memory, speed, and power. The program includes a built-in telecommunications module for use with online services, a 20,000-word spell checker, macro capability, multiple columns, reverse video scroll, word wrap, chaptering, and an expanded maximum document size. PaperClip II, priced at $79.95, is completely compatible with PaperClip text files on the Commodore 64. Also new (or planned for release soon) are PaperClip With SpellPack for the Atari 130XE ($59.95); PaperClip for the Apple II, II+, IIc, and lIe computers ($59.95); and I*S PaperClip Elite for the IBM PC and compatibles ($129.95), Atari ST ($79.95), and Commodore Amiga ($129.95). PaperClip Elite includes all of the earlier PaperClip features, plus advanced functions such as a real-time spelling checker, idea processing, independent linked windows, integrated text and graphics, and other capabilities.

I*S Degas Elite, an upgraded version of the original Degas graphics and design program for the Atari ST, will be available soon for the IBM PC and compatibles, Amiga, and ST. The program includes everything in the original, plus features like FLIP, SCALE, ROTATE, and the ability to cut and paste between pictures on multiple work screens. DEGAS Elite files can also be integrated with PaperClip Elite text files, and all Degas Elite files are compatible with the original Degas.

Batteries Included will also be marketing The Isgur Portfolio System (IPS) for the IBM PC ($249.95), the Atari ST ($199.95), the Amiga ($249.95), and the Apple Macintosh ($249.95). This is an investment management program designed by Lee Isgur, Wall Street analyst and first vice president of Paine Webber in New York. IPS lets you update your portfolios automatically from online services, and provides a variety of analytical tools for more profitable decision making.

BTS The Spreadsheet is a $69.95 spreadsheet for the Macintosh, Atari ST, and Amiga that includes key math, statistical, and financial functions, logical operators, formatting enhancements, and other features. Maximum worksheet size is 1000 rows by 1000 columns. Desk accessory version is included on the same Macintosh and ST disks.

TimeLink is an electronic diary program for planning and record-keeping, available for the Macintosh and Atari ST for $49.95 each. I*S Time And Billing is a professional office administration program planned for the fourth quarter of 1986 for IBM and Atari ST computers. I*S Consultant, also planned for the fourth quarter, is an enhanced Atari ST version of the original Consultant database. The new program will use the GEM interface and contain additional features. B/GRAPH Elite (a fourth quarter release) is a $69.95 graphics/charting and statistical analysis package for the Atari ST.

Soon to be available is Thunder, a $39.95 writer's accessory that can be called for use from within any GEM-based Atari ST application. Features include a 50,000-word spelling checker with three different error-catching modes and an immediate word replacement capability. An Abbreviation function will even supply you with the remainder of the word, or words, you want when you type in just the first few letters. And a built-in report analyzer gives you details on everything from word count to the document's relative readability.

Batteries Included, 30 Mural St., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1B5.

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