Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 73 / JUNE 1986 / PAGE 114

News & Products

SpeedScript Enhancer For 64
Upstart Publishing has released SpeedMate, a customization program for COMPUTE! Publications' SpeedScript 3.0-3.2 for the Commodore 64. SpeedMate lets you control the way text appears on the screen while editing. It also customizes the control commands for Preview 80, an 80-column SpeedScript page preview program. (SpeedScript and Preview 80 are not included with SpeedMate, but are available from COMPUTE! Publications.) SpeedMate also includes an optional print preview routine which displays 80 columns of text with no horizontal scrolling.
    SpeedMate is available for $15.
    Upstart Publishing, Dept. NPMC, P.O. Box 22022, Greensboro, NC 27420.
Circle Reader Service Number 221.