Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 73 / JUNE 1986 / PAGE 114

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Bridge Tutorial For ST Computers
Artworx has begun shipping Compubridge for the Atari 520 and 1040 ST.
    Based or. the bridge text, Contract Bridge, Five-Card Major Approach, by Silverman, Jais and Lebel, the program consists of ten chapters covering all aspects of the game from the basics to the game's more sophisticated points. Eight of the chapters close with brief quizzes that test your knowledge. Each quiz is randomly generated, which may be especially helpful for the advanced player interested in fine-tuning his or her game. All user input is through the ST's mouse; no keyboard entry is required.
    Suggested retail price of Compubridge is $29.95.
    Artworx Software Company, Inc., 150 N. Main St., Fairport, NY 14450.
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