Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 73 / JUNE 1986 / PAGE 11

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Changing Apple Proofreader's Checksum
I am using an Apple IIe with a color T V as a monitor. One problem with the TV is .that reverse characters are difficult if not impossible to read. Is there any way  to modify the "Apple Automatic Proofreader" so the checksum numbers appear normal instead of reverse? I am not the best typist in the world and was delighted to find a Proofreader program. But the checksum numbers are so hard to read that I can't use it at all.

Robert A. Love

It's easy to defeat the reverse video effect for Apple computers. Run the Proofreader as usual, then enter this line in direct mode (without a line number):

POKE 804,176: POKE 806,186: POKE
 822,176: POKE 824,186

The checksum numbers appear in the usual screen location in normal video. Since this modification makes the checksum harder to distinguish from other numbers on the screen, you probably won't want to make this change unless it's absolutely necessary.