Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 72 / MAY 1986 / PAGE 120

News & Products

128 Program Generator
OMNISoft & Associates has introduced OMNICodeI, a program that generates source code in writing BASIC programs and subroutines to handle screen formatting, input, and compiled output. The code generated is modular, REMarked, and compiler-compatible.
    OMNICodeI has a user interface designed so that even a novice will be comfortable in the operating environment. For the experienced programmer, the package can save hours of work.
    The Commodore 128 version requires at least one 1541 or 1571 disk drive and an 80-column display (either color or monochrome). It writes Commodore BASIC 7.0, and is compatible with the BLITZ!-128 BASIC Compiler from Skyles Electric Works. Retailing for $89.95, the package includes OMNI Merge-128, which allows the user to merge tokenized BASIC programs and subroutines.
    OMNISoft & Associates, P.O. Box 280, Rogers, AZ 72756.
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