Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 72 / MAY 1986 / PAGE 120

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Penmanship Practice On Your Computer Screen
Beginning writers quickly get the "feel" of correct letter formation with Touch 'n Write, a new penmanship program that lets students practice handwriting directly on the computer screen. A complete 23-lesson curriculum based on the Palmer Method of manuscript writing, the program operates with the Touch Window, a portable touch screen easily attached to the screen.
    Using their fingers or the pen included with Touch Window, youngsters first learn to duplicate basic letter strokes. Next, they trace and then "fingerpaint" letters in colors chosen from their own on-screen paint set. As students move from one section of a lesson to the next, they get rest and reward through short animations based on the theme of their choice -- nature, fantasy, or the circus. When a letter or number lesson is completed, they can "touch 'n color" in an electronic picture book related to one of the three themes. And after a lesson is completed, a reward certificate can be printed out.
    Touch 'n Write, available for 64K Apple II computers, costs $69 (software only; the Touch Window is additional).
    Sunburst Communications, Inc., 39 Washington Ave., Pleasantville, NY 10570.
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