Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 72 / MAY 1986 / PAGE 120

News & Products

Nutrition Analysis Program
Micromedx has announced availability of Macnutriplan, a nutrition analysis program for the Apple Macintosh.
    The program asks the user to type in the type and amount of food that he or she has had for each meal. It keeps a running tally of the meal's caloric content plus the user's choice of any two other elements, like cholesterol, saturated fat, vitamin B-6, or potassium. In addition, maximum values for any of these tallies can be set, causing an audible/visual alarm to go off when exceeded. If the user requests further analysis, the program will ask for the user's name and age, and calculate what percentage of his or her recommended daily allowance of key nutrients the meal will supply.
    The program comes with a built-in directory of caloric and nutritional content of more than 400 common foods; up to 200 more can be added.
    Macnutriplan requires 150K memory in a 512K Macintosh, one disk drive, and Microsoft BASIC 2.0. Suggested retail price is $75.
    Micromedx, 187 Gardiners Ave., Levittown, NY 11756.
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