Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 72 / MAY 1986 / PAGE 120

News & Products

Two New Teaching Aids
Gamco Industries, Inc. has released two new software packages to help teachers explain calendars and simple geometry. Both packages hold up to 200 student files which automatically record each student's records.
    Calendar helps students learn the days and months; seasons, special days, and holidays; and how to use a calendar.
    Perimeter, Area, & Volume offers simple geometry formulas and practice in using them. There are several levels in each lesson.
    In either package, when the student achieves a certain score, he or she may play an arcade-style game as a reward.
    Calendar and Perimeter, Area, & Volume are available for $39.95 each for the Apple II-series and the Commodore 64.
    Gamco Industries, Inc., Box 1911, Big Spring, TX 79721.
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