Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 72 / MAY 1986 / PAGE 120

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Apple Graphics Utilities
Dark Star Systems has designed two printing utilities for Apple II computers.
    MousePrintz lets MousePrint users print their pictures directly to an Epson or other non-Apple dot-matrix printer, plus offers a menu of screen-editing features, including full-screen viewing, inversion, mirror image, and cropping; rotation, shading, chart recording, and automatic centering and adjustment of margins. For the 128K Apple IIe and Apple IIc.
    The ScreenSnapper is designed for use with Applesoft and machine code programs running on the Apple II+, IIe, and IIc. This program lets you print to the screen in a variety of ways, including enlargement, rotation, inversion, and shading. It shows you what a printout will look like before printing. ScreenSnapper will not work with copyprotected software.
    Suggested retail price for MousePrintz is $35.00, and $40.00 for ScreenSnapper.
    Available from Greengate Productions, Inc., 2041 Pioneer Ct. #15, San Mateo, CA 94403.
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