Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 72 / MAY 1986 / PAGE 105


MLX Mixup
If you've tried to enter the "Screen Genie" program from the April issue, you may have discovered that the version of "MLX" published in that issue (p. 123) cannot be used. The MLX program in the April issue is an accidental resurrection of the old version, which has not been used since November 1985. Screen Genie must be entered with the new version of MLX, which appeared in the December, January, and February issues.

The Atari version (Program 3) of this game from the March issue (p. 34) has two typos. In line 130, the AR$(1.3) should be AR$(1,3). The proper Proofreader checksum for the corrected line is NH. More significantly, in line 460 the character shown as {= } should actually be SHIFT-=, the vertical line character.
    In the Apple version (Program 4), the following line should be added to ensure that no extraneous characters appear on  the game screen:

20 1035 FOR I = 36096 TO 36103:
       POKE I,0: NEXT

    In the Atari ST version (Program 7), a set of quotation marks is missing in line 20. The first variable definition in the line should be:

sp$(0)=" \ \_":.

Commodore Program Profiler
In this utility program from the February 1986 issue, two of the DATA lines contain spurious question marks and are missing characters. Lines 170 and 370 should read as follows:

170 DATA 160,192,32,30,171,32,
    207,255,201,13     :rem 99
370 DATA 126,192,141,127,192,1
    65,157,208,106,169 :rem 75

IBM PrtSc Protector & Screen Clock
These two programs= "PrtSc Protector" from the February issue (p. 81) and "Screen Clock" from the April issue (p. 107)-both have the same problem. Due to a quirk in the program we use to generate listings, the "Automatic Proofreader" checksums for the DATA lines are incorrect. That is, the programs are correct as published, but, if you attempt to type them in using our Automatic Proofreader utility, the checksums you'll get for the DATA lines will be different from those shown in the magazine. As a result, we recommend that these programs be entered directly, without using the Proofreader.

ST Doodler
A bracket character is missing in this Logo graphics program for the Atari ST in the February 1986 issue (p. 78). In the procedure BCORF at the bottom of the middle column, there should be a left bracket, [, before SETPOS.