Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 71 / APRIL 1986 / PAGE 119

News & Products

New From Better Working
Word Processor with Spellchecker is the third product to be released in Spinnaker's Better Working line of home productivity software. The program is a full-function word processor, with a 50,000-word American Heritage Dictionary to catch spelling mistakes. It also features a 750-word personalized user dictionary, preview mode, microcommands for alternative print styles, and window-based menus and help screens.
    The other titles in the Better Working series are Spreadsheet and File and Report. Word Processor with Spellchecker can perform mailmerge with Better Working File and Report. Each program is available for the Apple II series ($59.95) and the Commodore 64/128 ($49.95).
    Better Working, Spinnaker, One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139.
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