Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 70 / MARCH 1986 / PAGE 126


SpeedScript Update

There is an error in the correction to Apple SpeedScript from the "SpeedScript 3.0 Revisited" article in the December 1985 issue (p. 90) which causes the page number to repeat continuously when the # formatting command is used. In line 1C88 of the listing, the 9D should be a 9C. Load SpeedScript back into Apple "MLX" and enter the following replacement line:

1C88: AC E5 IE DO 9C AE E6 IE EC

After making the correction, be sure to use the MLX Save option to save a new copy of SpeedScript.

The item in the January 1986 "Reader's Feedback" column (p. 10) that told how to make Commodore 64 SpeedScript 3.0 default to disk for saving and loading had transposed digits in the middle POKE address. The line should have read:

POKE 4904,234: POKE 4905,169: POKE 4906,68

This modification works for all updates of version 3 (3.0, 3.1, or 3.2).

Atari Solitaire

The Atari listing for this game from the January 1986 issue (Program 2, p. 48) has a typographical error in line 910. The third character in S$, which defines the card suits, should be {.} instead of the apostrophe shown. CTRL-period is the diamond graphic character.

Formatted Printouts For Commodore

There are two errors in the DATA statements for this program from the January 1986 issue (p. 99). In line 540, the null string, "", should come before the item "BLACK" rather than after it. In line 640, the last item in the line should be " ↑ " rather than a null string.

Skyscape For IBM & Apple

Certain combinations of date and time inputs cause syntax errors in the IBM and Apple versions of this astronomy program from the November 1985 issue (p. 62). To correct this, change CC <= 0 to CC <= 1 in line 2060 of the IBM version (Program 3) and line 1770 of the Apple version (Program 4).

Memo Diary

The Commodore version of this calendar utility from the December 1985 issue (p. 65) won't work with tape. Tape users should modify the OPEN statement in line 3170 as follows:

OPEN 1,1+7*D1,8'D1 + 1,F$+G$:

Author Jim Butterfield also recommends that line 660 be replaced with 660 REM. With this change the calendar file will always be updated.