Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 70 / MARCH 1986 / PAGE 64

HOTWARE: Software Best Sellers

This Month Last Month Title Publisher Remarks Apple Atari Commodore IBM Macintosh
1. 1. F-15 Strike Eagle MicroProse Air combat simulation
2. 2. Karateka Brøderbund Action karate game
3. 5. Ultima IV Origin Systems, Inc. Fantasy game
4. Silent Service MicroProse Submarine simulation
5. 4. Flight Simulator II SubLogic Aircraft simulation
1. 1. Typing Tutor III Simon & Schuster Typing instruction program
2. 2. Math Blaster! Davidson Introductory math program, ages 6–12
3. 3. New Improved MasterType Scarborough Typing instruction Program
4. 4. Music Construction Set Electronic Arts Music composition program
5. I Am The C-64 Creative/Activision Introduction to the C-64
Home Management
1. 1. Print Shop Brøderbund Do-it-yourself print shop
2. 2. The Newsroom Springboard Do-it-yourself newspaper
3. Print Shop Graphics Library III Brøderbund Upgraded graphics library
4. 4. Print Shop Graphics Library Brøderbund 100 additional graphics
5. 5. Three-in-one Bundle Timeworks Word processor
Copyright 1985 by Billboard Publications, Inc. Compiled by the Billboard Research Department and reprinted by permission. Data as on 12/21/85 (entertainment) and 12/28/85 (education and home management).