Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 70 / MARCH 1986 / PAGE 10

Commodore B128 Users' Group

I was glad to see that Jim Butterfield's dynamic keyboard articles (COMPUTE!, October-December 1985) included some references to the Commodore B128 (called the B700 in Europe). As you may know, the international B128 user group is sending out 13,000 news-letter/membership applications to B128 owners in North America and B700 users in Europe. The group currently has 1,500 members, and membership is rapidly increasing. Our disk library is also off to a good start, and offers a variety of public domain programs to members. Interested B128/B700 owners may obtain membership information at the following address:

B128/B700 User's Group
Attn: Norman Deltzke
4102 North Odell
Norridge, Illinois
USA 60634

Thanks to reader John A. Francis for supplying this information.