Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 70 / MARCH 1986 / PAGE 10

Arabian Atari Revisited

In the December 1985 "Readers' Feedback" you printed a letter from Nour Abdullah Al-Rasheed asking how to make the cursor on his Atari computer move from right to left. He may want to consider a hardware solution. The images displayed by a television set or monitor are placed on the screen by vertical and horizontal deflection circuits. An experienced electronics technician who's familiar with video displays should be able to examine the schematic for that device and determine which wires control horizontal deflection. By rewiring that circuit, the technician could bring about the desired change. This modification should probably be considered permanent; and it may require some adjustment of normally untouched internal controls to get a satisfactory picture. While it might be possible to install a switch that would let you flip back and forth between display modes, the technician would have to use special insulating spacers and take pains to protect the operator from the very high voltages involved.

Jim Taylor

Thanks to you and the other readers who suggested this solution. As you point out, the circuitry involved carries extremely high voltages that can cause very serious injury, so this type of modification must be performed by a fully qualified technician. Unless you fit that category, don't even consider poking around inside your TV or monitor. You may cancel any warranty which is in effect, and run a serious risk of injuring yourself as well as the device.