Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 65 / OCTOBER 1985 / PAGE 114

Modifications or Corrections To Previous Articles

Commodore Disk 64 Commander
A character was smudged in the listing for this disk utility program from the September issue. Line 3315 (p. 82) should read as follows:
3315 :168,160,000,177,098,153,231
    Also, the DOPEN command example for relative files (p. 81) is incorrect. The record length must be specified outside the quotes surrounding the filename, not within the quotes as shown. Thus, the example for opening a relative file named TEST with a record length of 20 characters should read:

Commodore 64 Headliner
The large characters displayed by this program from the August issue (p. 72) do not have the desired color on newer 64s, and are invisible on older 64s which do not fill color memory. This is because the variable G, which is defined in line 100 as the address of the start of color memory and intended for use in line 530 to color the large characters, is redefined when it is used for another purpose in lines 200 and 220. There are several possible solutions to this problem, the simplest of which is to change the G in lines 200 and 220 to some other variable:

200 PRINTCHR$(147)TAB(125)"DOW
    ":C=53248:GN=12288:rem 114
220 POKE 56333,127:POKE1,51:FO
    R Q=0TO1023:POKEGN+Q,PEEK(
    C+Q):NEXT          :rem 85

    When adding the "Headliner" routine to your own programs, you should make sure that your program does not use any of the variables in the main subroutine (lines 500-550) for any other purpose. The variables are P, L, X$, G, CC, and SL.