Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 64 / SEPTEMBER 1985 / PAGE 100

News & Products

PlayWriter Series Expands
Woodbury Computer Associates, Inc., has introduced two new titles in its PlayWriter Series of write-your-ownbook learning programs: Mystery!, a detective book for children nine years of age and older, and Castles & Creatures, a fantasy book for children eight and up. With these programs, and the earlier Tales of Me and Adventures in Space (ages seven to fourteen), children can write, illustrate, print, and bind in hardcover each book they create.
    The packages sell for $39.95 each and are available for the Apple II family, Commodore 64/128, and IBM PC/PCjr. Refill packs and teacher's manuals are $9.95 each. Woodbury, in association with Grolier Electronic Publishing, will sponsor a national writing contest this fall with entries handled through schools and retailers.
Woodbury Computer Associates, Inc., 127 White Oak Lane, CN#1001, Old Bridge, NJ 08857
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